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Media Technology

Get to grips with how the latest technology can empower you and your content. 



Looking to adopt Blockchain within your business? We provide product scoping, Blockchain integration and product development.     


The media and entertainment industry have produced massive amounts of content and users have embraced new technologies for consumption — from smartphones to streaming platforms.

With an industry which is continuously evolving, success is determined by those that are dynamic and adaptable. Doing nothing increases the risk of failure. Knowing exactly what the future holds is impossible, but preparing for it is. 

Too busy being busy?

Worried about how to get from A to B?

Frustrated with the same old same?

Scatter gun approach towards the future?


Our approach

Bringing about successful change for our clients, we explore the way people work together, the role of technology and how content is shared. We have developed 5 core principles designed to produce clear future strategies and implementation.

Deconstruction - breaking a business or strategy down into its constituent parts, interviewing the people involved - identifying what works and what’s broken.

Optimise - a 360 review and a clear report back to the business on the opportunities for change - highlighting the gains and risks.

Stakeholder engagement -  we help you think of all the possible questions and answers to achieve common goals and objectives for your business.

Process - formalise and plan for change by providing everything from step by step guides, training, through to creating RFI's / RFP's.

Deliver - we give you the toolkit to select suitable partners and technology. 

"Clients tell us that they are always amazed at how we manage to simplify complex issues and find clever solutions so quickly. Give us a nicely tangled and seemingly insurmountable challenge and we will deliver - usually in 5 - 6 weeks"

Media Technology

There is a myriad of technologies and companies out there offering the same thing. Let us banish the bewilderment and guide you. We’ll help you get to grips with all that’s new, including Media Asset Management, Cloud Services,  AI  and Machine Learning.

Whilst we profess not to be geeks, we have studied, trained and gained years of real world experience.  Take back control and manage your own content, distribution and monetisation with Media Minds.

We’ve found what works best is an overall ‘ecosystem’ of tools, tech and know how, delivered in a single package or built step-by-step. And that’s what we can offer you. We will only ever suggest a technology for your business if it’s a perfect fit.


Our clients say .... " the Media Minds service has allowed our content be managed in the cloud making it available to our staff and clients.  Our business has been able to to scale without adding infrastructure and generate new revenue streams"

"Clients tell us that they are always amazed at how we manage to simplify complex issues and find clever solutions so quickly. Give us a nicely tangled and seemingly insurmountable challenge and we will deliver - usually in 5 - 6 weeks"




How Blockchain works?

How Blockchain works

Blockchain benefits 

Cost-effective transaction cost when compared to Paypal and similar payment portals

Faster transactions removal of central authority and 3rd parties

Hack resistant  cryptographic security with no single party control

Transparent information is viewable by all and cannot be altered reducing risk and fraud

Traceability ownership of an asset can be fully tracked as well as all transactions

Automation smart contracts with predetermined rules can automatically trigger events

Near real-time data management  allowing fast updating of record keeping, throughput  and efficiency

Auditable a full chronology of events allows anyone to trace and audit prior transactions 



Media Rights and IP 

Smart contract enabled royalty payments  

Enhanced licensing and monetisation   

Decentralised model for content distribution 

Tokenisation of Video/Audio content

Empowerment for the content creator


Get started 

Our objective is to work with the media and entertainment community to integrate blockchain technology which brings benefit to the industry.

We offer a full blockchain end to end service including consultancy, project scoping, development and final product delivery.