O'DONNELL Director

Anita is the VOD goddess. She’s worked with all the major platforms — from iTunes to Netflix and everyone in between — since 2006, both as a technical services provider and an aggregator. Her thing is helping clients to deliver content on time, on target and in immaculate condition but, like Yives, she has a 360-degree skillset. Crafting simple plans to manage complex problems, operational and media supply-chain management, and forging and servicing client relationships are just a few of her talents.

I get my energy from working with people and exploring new technologies, but always people first. 

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"I want to see an end to all male panels, and encourage foster and mentor young women to rise up and take their rightful seat at the table."

Anita O'Donnell

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish"

Michelle Obama

I love London

I’ve lived here for almost 25 years and it never stops surprising me

I like very small Japanese pots!