About us

Media Minds is not your typical consultancy agency, we’re proud to think differently!

What we do

A digital media consultancy that delivers no-nonsense, down-to-earth expertise to the media and entertainment industries. Fluent in the language of digital and technology, we draw on real-life experiences and fading battle scars, gained from over 20 years in the business

We know that growing or even just surviving in today’s fluctuating and fragmented media marketplace is tough. Technologies emerge at warp speed, platforms explode and implode, and commercial models come and go— often taking your business and people with them.

We could call ourselves TV specialists, digital strategists, future-watchers, tech junkies, geeks, distribution experts  You can call us people who speak your language. 
As a trusted digital partner we listen to your unique story.  We get to the route of your problems, solve them and unlock opportunities.  We take your ambitions and work with you to achieve them. We bridge gaps and join dots — between technology, content, producers, platforms, legacy and people. Did we mention people? Most of all we work with people. Technology can only empower when it is embraced. 

Our Mission

Media Minds mission is to help businesses, innovate and grow so they can create jobs, offer customers better services

and gain market share.

A brief history

Soon after meeting in 2006, Yives and Anita launched a pioneering VOD business (VODE), which grew over the next eight years into the re:fine group, employing 75 people and counting the likes of all3media international, BBC, Fremantle, Off the Fence, UEFA, UIP, among its clients.


In 2014, re:fine was acquired by Los Angeles-based Visual Data Media Services, and Yives and Anita moved on to pursue other opportunities. At the start of 2017, they decided to revive their successful partnership and channel their strong entrepreneurial instincts into another start-up. The result is Media Minds.


Our Team

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